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Watch Free Online Movie "Harvest of Empire (2012)"

Harvest of Empire (2012)

Based on the ground-breaking book by award-winning journalist and Democracy Now! co-host Juan Gonzalez, HARVEST OF EMPIRE uses real-life stories and rare archival footage to examine the political events, social conditions, and U.S. government actions that led millions of Latino families to leave their homelands in an unprecedented wave of migration over the past six decades. At a time of heated and divisive debate over federal immigration policy, this film offers a rare and powerful glimpse into the enormous sacrifices and rarely-noted triumphs of the millions of Latino immigrants who are transforming the cultural and economic landscape of the nation. In another angle we can say, A powerful documentary that exposes the direct connection between the long history of U.S. intervention in Latin America and the immigration crisis we face today. From the territorial expansionist policies that decimated the young economies of Mexico, Puerto Rico and Cuba, to the covert operations that imposed oppressive military regimes in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador, Harvest of Empire provides an unflinching look at the origins of the growing Latino presence in the United States. Adapted from the landmark book written by journalist Juan Gonzalez, the film tells the story of an epic human saga that is largely unknown to the great majority of citizens in the U.S., but must become part of our national conversation about immigration.

Harvest of Empire (2012)

Movie Title: Harvest of Empire (2012)
In Theaters: September 28th, 2012
MPAA Rating: NR
Genres: Documentary, History, News
Run Time: 1 Hr. 30 Min.
Directors: Peter Getzels, Eduardo Lopez
Stars: Juan Gonzalez
Cinematography: James M. Felter
Film Editing: James M. Felter, Catherine Shields
Country: USA
Language: English

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Produced by
James M. Felter ---- co-producer
James Allen Orr ---- co-producer
Wendy Thompson-Marquez ---- producer

Juan Gonzalez ---- (voice)

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