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Watch Free Online Movie "Doggie B (2012)"

Doggie B (2012)

When aspiring vet Cassie finds out that her Uncle Peter's dog dancing studio is in danger of closing, she enters her devoted pup Pijo in the Dog Dancing Championships. Standing between the grand prize and the glory is ten-time champion Gertrude and her dancing canine Chaos, who will stop at nothing to win. With the help of family and friends, Cassie and Pijo lace up all six dancing shoes, raise the woof, and take on the competition tail-on. In another angle we can say, A devoted Bichon pup helps his teenage owner and her dog-dancing uncle unleash their potential.

Doggie B (2012)

Movie Title: Doggie B (2012)
Original Title: Doggie Boogie - Get Your Grrr On!
In Theaters: August 31st, 2012
MPAA Rating: Rated PG for mild rude humor
Genres: Family
Distributors: Pase 4 Films
Run Time: 1 Hr. 27 Min.
Director: Romanus Wolter
Writer: Romanus Wolter
Stars: Jesse Draper, Bettina Devin and Jane Wiedlin
Original Music: Jacob Yoffee (score composer)
Cinematography: Mickey Freeman, Don Starnes
Film Editing: Robin Lee
Studio: Doggie Boogie Productions
Country: USA
Language: English
Filming Locations: San Francisco, California, USA

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Produced by
Alexander Da Silva ---- post producer
Bettina Devin ---- associate producer
Constance Hasapopoulos ---- executive producer
Ken Martini ---- executive producer
Keith Myer ---- executive producer
Delicia Niami ---- executive producer
Delicia Niami ---- producer
Cheryl Parrott ---- associate producer
Cheryl Parrott ---- executive producer
Patricia Seldner-Brown ---- associate producer
Delphine Suter ---- producer
Kevin Suter ---- executive producer
Steve Whitson ---- executive producer
Romanus Wolter ---- executive producer
Romanus Wolter ---- producer

Jesse Draper ---- Cassie Barbizon
Bettina Devin ---- Gertrude Spinner
Jane Wiedlin ---- Dottie
Patrick Alan Davis ---- Roman Spinner
Scott Cox ---- Peter Wolfe
Barbara Tintori ---- Karen Barbizon
Erica Gerard ---- Rachelle
Constance Hasapopoulos ---- Pinkie
Judith Sims ---- Kia Tuel
Keith Myer ---- Mortgage Man
Chris Marsol ---- Candler
Daniel Will-Harris ---- Dr. Loren
Anabelle ---- Anabelle
Annie ---- Annie
Ken Baggott ---- Announcer

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