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Watch Free Online Movie "Excuse Me for Living (2012)"

Excuse Me for Living (2012)

EXCUSE ME FOR LIVING is the story of Dan Topler (Pelphrey), a rich, smart, suicidal twenty-something who dropped out of medical school to pursue his own drug habit. Well provided for and a bit coddled, he refuses to grow up or get happy. After a suicide attempt on the George Washington Bridge lands him in an upscale rehabilitation clinic, Dr. Jacob Bernstein (Vaughn) takes him under his wing. The doctor issues these commands: obey the no-drugs rules, and join the geriatric temple men's group he leads--or face incarceration. Despite Dan's negative attitude attending the seniors' club, he finds he's among accomplished men and becomes engrossed with their lives. Meanwhile, Dan's prep school friends continue to lure Dan to bacchanals. Dan's addiction and tired mind can't resist the drugs, booze, and women, until he becomes smitten with Laura (Archer), Dr. Bernstein's daughter. Resolving to turn his life around, he confronts his friends and begins to listen at his group sessions, eventually realizing he has more to offer and to learn than he ever knew. In another angle we can say, A charming, suicidal druggie must obey his rehab-clinic's demand to lead a seniors men's group or face incarceration and lose the love of his psychiatrist's daughter.

Excuse Me for Living (2012)

Movie Title: Excuse Me for Living (2012)
In Theaters: October 12th, 2012
MPAA Rating: NR
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Distributors: DADA Films
Run Time: 1 Hr. 45 Min.
Director: Ric Klass
Writer: Ric Klass
Stars: Tom Pelphrey, Christopher Lloyd and Wayne Knight
Original Music: Robert Miller
Cinematography: Chase Bowman
Film Editing: Scott Conrad
Studio: EMFL Productions, EMFL
Country: USA
Language: English
Filming Locations: Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA

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Produced by
Ric Klass ---- executive producer
Ric Klass ---- producer
Donna McKenna ---- co-producer
Mark Tocher ---- co-producer
Mark Tocher ---- line producer

Tom Pelphrey ---- Dan
Christopher Lloyd ---- Lars
Wayne Knight ---- Albert
Jerry Stiller ---- Morty
Robert Vaughn ---- Jacob
Melissa Archer ---- Laura
Ewa Da Cruz ---- Charlie
James McCaffrey ---- Barry
Tonja Walker ---- Elaine
David A. Gregory ---- Bruce
Dick Cavett ---- Reverend Pilatus
Kevin Brown ---- Officer Franklin
Alysia Joy Powell ---- Nurse Linda
Kai Chapman ---- Ronnie
Tom Creel ---- Rob

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