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Watch Free Online Movie "Supercapitalist (2012)"

Supercapitalist (2012)

A maverick New York hedge fund trader moves to Hong Kong and orchestrates a mega-deal that swiftly escalates beyond his control. Caught between competing forces in America and Asia in a ruthless culture of profits at all costs, he desperately negotiates and maneuvers inside China's closed, complex society. With his life and Hong Kong's future staked on a corrupt billion dollar deal, the trader takes the ultimate risk. In another angle we can say, A maverick New York hedge fund trader with uncanny analytic abilities moves to Hong Kong and orchestrates a mega-deal that swiftly escalates beyond his control.

Supercapitalist (2012)

Movie Title: Supercapitalist (2012)
Taglines: Money For Life
In Theaters: August 10th, 2012
MPAA Rating: NR
Genres: Thriller, Foreign
Distributors: Random Art Workshop
Director: Simon Yin
Writer: Derek Ting
Stars: Linus Roache, Kenneth Tsang and Derek Ting
Cinematography: Derrick Fong
Studio: Random Art Workshop, 408 Films
Country: USA, Hong Kong
Language: English, Chinese

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Produced by
James C. Chie ---- executive producer
Diana Footitt ---- producer
David Hou ---- associate producer
David Hou ---- line producer
Sam Kwok ---- executive producer
Emeline Rodelas ---- associate producer
Derek Ting ---- producer
Phillip Yin ---- executive producer
Joyce Yung ---- producer

Linus Roache ---- Mark Patterson
Kenneth Tsang ---- Victor Chang
Derek Ting ---- Conner Lee
Richard Ng ---- Donald Chang
Michael Park ---- Morris Brown
Kathy Uyen ---- Natalie Wang
Darren E. Scott ---- Quentin Wong
Danny Boushebel ---- Banker
Theodore Bouloukos ---- Street vendor
Andrew Dasz ---- Fighter
Thomas Daniel ---- Chance
Phil Sauers ---- Wall Street Investor
Sofia Regan ---- Clara
Mike Leeder ---- Bouncer
John Michael Kennedy ---- Wall Street Investor
Paul Sheehan ---- James McIntyre
Daniel Sing ---- Poker Player
Natalie Murray ---- Reporter
Tom Kemnitz Jr. ---- Gamble
Louisa Ward ---- Secretary
LoDeon ---- Dice Man
Jacquees London ---- Dice Player
Alexandra Moore ---- Ajay's Girlfriend
Michael Iakovou ---- Banker (as Michael Jacobs)
Harry Du Young ---- Chinese Homeless Man
Jake Boswell ---- Michael Baker
Chit-Man Chan ---- Mr. Chau
Eugene Kang ---- Richard Chang

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